Author: Florian Albrecht

cite 1.0

Yesterday Marcel and I launched cite, a small iOS app for creating textshots. Textshots became a thing on Twitter in the last months, when people started to post screenshots containing little text snippets of articles they wanted to share. Marcel contacted me in the beginnig

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WatchKit @ CocoaHeads Hamburg

Last week Thursday during the march event of CocoaHeads Hamburg two colleagues and me gave a talk about WatchKit. After the release of the SDK in November last year we were immediately very excited about it and started playing around with it a bit. During

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Placescore Open Source

As you may have noticed, Placescore turned out to be not as successful as we hoped in the beginnng. But as I put much of work into developing the iOS app, I decided to open source parts of the source code. Especially the actual game

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Three weeks with the Pebble

About three weeks ago I bought a Pebble. When a colleague of mine ordered the new Pebble Steel I could not resist and buy his old one from him. I will now give a short summary of how the first three weeks with it worked

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Developing Placescore

It is now already more than two weeks ago that Marcel, Philipp, Martin and me released Placescore. For those of you who haven't heard of it: It's a location-based game for the iPhone, where you can battle with other people for venues around you. I

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Florian Albrecht