WatchKit @ CocoaHeads Hamburg

Last week Thursday during the march event of CocoaHeads Hamburg two colleagues and me gave a talk about WatchKit. After the release of the SDK in November last year we were immediately very excited about it and started playing around with it a bit. During one of the previous meetups Piet, the organizer of the monthly iOS developer meetup in Hamburg convinced us to share our knowledge with a small talk on one of the next events. Last week was not the worst timing I think with the Apple event just a few days ahead.

Even though we didn't have the time to build a final and releasable version of a WatchKit app yet, we looked enough into devlopment for the Apple Watch to give a small introduction. So we prepared some slides and a small demo app to give a live example on how to set up your project and start with a small app for the new Apple device. The last time I gave a talk somewhere must have been around four years ago in university. I have also never been a huge fan of public speaking, but I'm quite happy with how it worked out and I think I will not wait four years again until the next time.

This are our slides if you are interested:

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